In Progress

Name | private | purpose ————- |:————-:| :—–

Mature Projects

Name private purpose - intellij tab switcher plugin - intellij tab placement plugin - Mouseless replacement - fixes to bash cli jumper
wion - code to manipulate wion device
git-forks-analysis - analyze forks networks to find gems - git stats to work across branches and analyze forks - git stats to work across branches and analyze forks
howtos - track howto repos + tips
phpstorm-config - phpstorm config + plugins since jetbrains repo no longer lists some of them
darkreader - copy of fork working on chromium
vim-outliner - vimflowy clone from github
chrome-tabs-outliner - Chrome Tabs Outliner extension hacked
docker-package-manager - install and use software in docker containers
docker-files Yes tracks Dockerfile configs of interest
node-experiments Yes experiments using various versions of node
leo-editor - outliner app fork
chromium white flash docker build - docker instructions to build chromium for white flash repo
chrome fuzzy finder - search tabs history bookmarks using fuzzy finder like intellij
bookmarks-editor Yes edit/manipulate chrome bookmarks easily using text
watch - file watcher/monitor to run scripts on file changes
projects-log Yes tracks decisions/design/ideas/implementations across projects (private) - restores focus to document body using keyboard. Hack for mouseless
projects-log - tracks decisions/design/ideas/implementations across projects (old public)
github-backup - backups up github data
x-tile - window manager tiling
chromium-white-flash-fix - fixes white flash in chromium
dotfiles Yes dotfiles and scripts management + vcsh share with dotfiles_hbtlabs
dotfiles_hbtlabs Yes dotfiles hbtlabs + vcsh share with dotfiles
hbtlabs-scripts Yes hbtlabs system scripts - could be migrated to dotfiles_hbtlabs
phpmyadmin3 Yes phpmyadmin3 with custom changes to facilitate navigation
phpunit-skeleton-generator - generates tests from annotations/assertions using comments in code
chromiumdotfiles - chrome extension to load JS/CSS files per domain. dotjs replacement
meld - meld diff program with dark theme additions - this site
hbt blog - old blog still active but replaced by accdev. to be migrated site - public site
accdev Yes active blog
backup Yes custom scripts to handle cloning, mirror, incremental backups of all local, external, remote drives
gpg-keys Yes gpg keys management
etc Yes tracks changes in /etc using etckeeper (desktop)
ctms-db-sync Yes consulting - syncs remote databases to local db
empower-autodeploy Yes consulting - custom scripts for continuous integration
empower Yes consulting - empower project
pmrobot Yes pmrobot custom changes

On Hold

Name | private | purpose ————- |:————-:| :—–

Dead Projects

Name Private purpose Deprecated on Reason
docker-openvpn - openvpn config with kill switch using docker    
simple-custom-config - define configuration files using templates 2013 Replaced by
git-svn-migration - migrates svn repository and its plugins / configuration using git-svn to git 2012 All svn repositories migrated and not worth adapting code to latest git version
js-beautify-gem - beautifies JS code 2012 replaces by better IDE plugin + beautify npm packages
watch_and_do - watch files and executes scripts 2011 replaced by inotifywait and grunt watch
svn-tools - equivalent of git log -S but for svn 2012 no more svn repositories and possible to use git-svn instead
jmsnmessenger - msn messenger client in Java 2006 Summer/Student project to play with msn messenger API. Nothing serious
jchat - chat application written in Java to experiment with threads, streams, file transfer etc 2005 Summer/Student project
jmail - mail client in Java to experiment with email API + smtp/imap 2005 Summer/Student project
jzip - java GUI client to zip/unzip 2004 Summer/Student project
jgoogle - java GUI exploring google API 2005 Summer/Student project
jsplit - java GUI to split and send large files by email 2005 Summer/Student project
oracle-script-generator - CSharp GUI to generate Oracle SQL after building db 2006 Summer/Student project
imdb-plus - chrome extension to watch youtube trailers on imdb 2012 imdb added trailers
tab-plus - chrome extension to manage tabs 2012 replaced by vrome
mysql-sync - php wrapper around percona to synchronizes databases 2013 syncing mysql files using rsync was faster than syncing records
many - experimental work to add many to many relationships 2013 backbone was abanded in favor of ember.js
coffee-script - experimental work on compiler to match the javascript code generated to coffeescript - line by line 2013 easier to write + debug javascript than write coffeescript and debug generated javascript
vimium - chrome extension to navigate using the keyboard. add multiple features 2012 abandoned in favor of vrome
netflix-enhancements - netflix chrome extension to add filtering of already watched movies, imdb ratings, youtube trailers etc. 2013 abandoned after termination of netflix service
phpmyadmin - phpmyadmin 4 minor changes 2013 abandoned after realizing navigation in phpmyadmin 4 was inferior to custom version of phpmyadmin3
tasktree - experimenting with JS technology to build single page apps using backbone, knockout, ember, angular, etc. 2013 abandoned after realizing JS technology was not mature enough and identified ember.js as next major contender
todoapp - experimenting with JS, testing with mocha/jasmine and using visual testing 2013 continued experimentation in tasktree
tvshows-downloader Yes tvshows downloader using RSS feeds 2013 replaced by flexget
streaming Yes streaming tvshows / movies using justin tv API 2014 shutdown
euler Yes experimenting with euler challenges + learning math by building API using Ruby / R / Mathematica 2012 -
todo Yes todo system + calendar reminder 2013 replaced by checkvist
sfutils Yes utilities accumulated in PHP / symfony / propel 2012 terminated major symfony projects
sfgoogleloginplugin Yes google login plugin for symfony 2010 terminated major symfony projects
sf1.4deployplugin Yes deploys symfony 1.4 projects 2010 terminated major symfony projects
relu Yes book exchange project 2008 startup shutdown
vbenvplugin Yes manages environment in symfony + switches files 2010 terminated major symfony projects
futils Yes similar to sfutils 2012 terminated major symfony projects
menuplugin Yes generates beautiful menus based on yml files 2008 found better stuff
msnmessengercontactgrabberplugin Yes grab contacts from msn messenger and other social media 2008 project ended
pmmessageplugin Yes private messaging plugin used to power relu project 2008 project ended
sfdeployplugin Yes deploys symfony 1.0 applications 2010 terminated major symfony 1.0 projects
accounts Yes passwords manager 2014 replaced by lastpass
find-similar-videos Yes locate similar videos using image duplications algos 2014 one time script
linode-logs Yes logs storage of linode instance 2012 no longer needed
rumie-scripts Yes consulting - custom scripts for continuous integration 2015 rumie contract terminated
rumie-analytics Yes consulting - old backup repo 2015 rumie contract terminated
ssi-bak Yes consulting - syllogistic backups 2015 syllogistic contract terminated
oss-checklist open source software best practices based on literature. 2013 project stalled  
config Yes contains dotfiles and custom scripts / configuration. 2016 in favor of hbt/dotfiles and vcsh
vrome - chrome extension to browse with keyboard. Works in tandem with chromium-vim cvim. 2017 Replaced by mouseless
pmrobot-db Yes pmrobot automated db backups. 2017 replaced by gdrive backups
mouseless - chromium vim fork. browse without keyboard 2018 in favor of surfingkeys fork